carbon fiber sculpture


Spring, 2022

carbon fiber cloth

epoxy resin

phenolic microspheres

extruded polystyrene foam






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This carbon fiber piece was designed using software that is intended for structural optimization. This software determines the most minimal way to orient material in space, to transmit a given set of forces to support points. It is used in high performance applications, where minimal material use is critical, typically for weight savings. Here I am using it as a purely aesthetic tool, using it to generate three-dimensional forms. I refer to this as “de-optimization,” as I am using a system intended for maximizing efficiency, and using it in an inherently inefficient manner.

The three-dimensional form was sliced into layers in the computer model, each of which was then CNC milled from EPS foam and stacked/glued into the overall form. This foam core was then coated in a thin epoxy filler layer, to sand out any low or high spots. It is now in the process of having carbon fiber cloth laminated to its surface with a vacuum bagging process. The final sculpture is extremely lightweight.