fast fuse



Steel rectangular tubing

Steel plate





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This steel sculpture is composed of four independent poly-lines, each three segments long, that trace through space. They converge in a parallel bundle at the core, being in perfect alignment and spacing, before their end segments diverge off into distinct directions. Several of those end segments are in perfect alignment in space, even though they are not physically connected. Others are perfectly parallel but exist along separate spatial vectors.

The composition has a dual reading. From some angles the tubes appear densely grouped, looking like they may even be stacked face to face. From other angles, the spaces between them are revealed, and each of the four lines seems to hover independently in space, with no visible connections between them. The bright red color and high gloss finish help with both of these readings. The high reflectivity can play visual games with depth perception distinguishing one segment from another. The vibrant hue stands in stark contrast to any backdrop, allowing the poly-lines to crisply register.

The sculpture is constructed of welded steel tubing. The joints are complex compound miter cuts, which were determined through a computational digital design method that allows for control of simultaneous alignments and spatial twists. The weld connections were ground smooth and the sculpture finished in automotive urethane paint.