Independent design project



Carbon fiber fabric

Carbon fiber tow

Expanded polystyrene foam






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This ultra-lightweight table (under 48oz.) was the result of experimenting with the development of structural topology optimization methods using Grasshopper3D software. This method uses a process of structurally analyzing a block of material that is placed between structural loads and support points. Through a series of iterative steps, it incrementally removes the least efficient material. This process of decay results in leaving material only where it is most efficient at transmitting loads to supports.

In this case a small table was chosen as a project to test this algorithmic design process. An animation below illustrates this method of material removal. The form of the three arched legs was CNC milled in stacking segments, to create a rigid foam core, over which carbon fiber cloth was laminated. A vacuum bag process was used to consolidate the carbon fiber and minimize excess resin. The tabletop surface was generated separately with the same design process and fabricated with the same technique. The legs and top were then bonded together.